A view from Madeira

Put him on a plane, bring him home again, viva Ronaldo! It’s on isn’t it? Maybe, but as Ronnie to Manchester re-surfaces TUW digs out an old article which was first written for United We Stand fanzine and was published just as he was pining for Madrid.

After 8 consecutive away trips with either United or stag do’s, culminating in a splendid Moscow & Munich finish it was time for a relaxing holiday with the missus. The fact that there was still an element of United involved meant some persuading but negotiations were swift and painless. So off we headed to Ronaldo’s home patch for some spa action, ocean viewage, ground hopping and hopefully a local outlook on the Ronaldo/United/Madrid love triangle.

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Behind Enemy Lines

Back in the day, pritt-stick, token sheets and Sunday morning queues were the order of the day for away match application. These days, after the Exec and Loyalty pot have been accounted for in the ballot, there’s about a third of the allocation left for those who haven’t been to every away match since 2000-2001. The ticket odds for those applying in this bracket, as quoted by the club, are 1 in 21! The seldom available spares on offer are gratefully snapped up but with cheap train tickets needing to be secured weeks in advance, I often take the home end option to guarantee a brief. Continue reading