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The United Way takes a look back at games/goals/moments missed and most regretted, starting with a pivotal moment in 93…..

There are plenty of moments I could throw into the argument to try and deflect or dissuade. Robins at the City Ground, Lee Martin at Wembley, Norwich away 3-1 could all be used to try and make myself feel better but it would be a pointless exercise. I missed the most pivotal moment in United’s recent title history, despite being in the ground three minutes earlier. Continue reading

How the mighty have fallen

Generally speaking twitter is a home for cunts. It is, there’s no denying it. Some of the biggest load of shit ever to grace our lives has been written on the twatosphere. United or non-United, it doesn’t matter. Every football related topic/group has its share of wankers and twitter seems to be the place where both the volume and outlandish nature of content is at its height. Continue reading