A red abroad – Part two

@Matt_4D continues his journey through Europe, following on from part one.


Second division Racing Club de Lens enjoy a special reputation in French football. Their average attendance of 31,000 was the 5th highest in France last season. Only Lyon, Marseille, Lille and PSG averaged higher. It was also higher than 9 Premier League teams and greater than any Championship club. So, on October 19th, we purchased a few cans and took the short train to Lens. In the bars opposite the station, we got chatting to a few lads who turned out to be members of Lens’ Red Tigers ultras.

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Kiev 2007

Being a southern-based red, I flirted with a few Euro aways during the early part of the noughties, but without consistency and seldom with a burgeoning group of friends in tow. I met a few lads through a mate from work which was still at the get-to-know-you phase, but yet to be firmly established. Fortunately these said friends possessed the same thirst for following United in Europe that needed to be regularly quenched.

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On the road – Fulham

Bishops Park, Fulham. The Vicar meets Robert Thorn and shares his concerns. You know that his time is up purely by the nature of the scene itself, and his untimely demise is just a matter of ‘how’ and ‘where,’ rather than ‘when.’ The Omen film – brilliant. As a kid I shat it watching Omen I and II. The Ice Hockey disaster on the frozen lake in the second one? It could easily act as a metaphor for United v Barcelona, 2011 at Wembley. Things looking grim for long periods, then a brief shred of hope, only for it to quickly slip away again whilst many onlookers stood there, helpless. There’s no point lads, let it go, let it go….. Continue reading