I was an ITV child. It’s depressing upon reflection. Growing up in rural Wiltshire unfortunately had many restrictions – a dreadful television signal which ruled out both BBC channels and Channel 4. Unless there was dense fog, oddly. Which meant just ITV – still with the odd ‘ghost shadow’ interference. Even with a TV aerial on a 25 foot pole plus multiple signal boosters attached, Elton Welsby was still a fuzzy mess and was fairly incoherent. Somewhat similar to his shows on Century Radio in later years.

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A Red Abroad Part Four

Matt finishes his destruction of can culture in part four of his university education money spending exercise

The cost of living in major French cities is relatively high and by February funds were starting to run low. Typically, despite my prayers for a nice cheap trip to Dortmund or PSG, United were drawn away to Olympiacos. In the excitement of the draw however, the best trip of the year was born. Eurostar to London on the Friday, Crystal Palace away on the Saturday, followed by a flight straight to Greece on the Sunday, and a return to Lille via Paris on the Wednesday.

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