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Bio – Duts

My first United game was against Everton at home in 1978. My dad made us leave early to avoid the crush and I missed Martin Buchan’s thunderbolt equaliser. My first away game was at Stoke in the 1979-80 season but regular away trips only began in 1988. A humdrum 0-0 at Forest was quickly followed by a barnstorming 3-3 at Anfield in a vicious, but brilliant, atmosphere.

Contributor to United We Stand fanzine since the mid 90′s and recently started writing for Stoke fanzine ‘Duck’.

Bio – @Thehandoffod

I attended my first United game with my Dad in April 1978.  A defeat of West Ham at Old Trafford.  Growing up in Cheshire meant I was fortunate enough  to make full use of my LMTB as a teenager as well as get to some aways.
I’ve watched United through the Liverpool dominated Sexton & Atkinson years and then on through Sir Alex’s era, so I believe that to really appreciate the highs you must live through some lows.

Bio – @Deancunny

Old school football values, emotional and erratic, bordering on unstable when it comes to football opinions. I am no journalist and certainly do not see myself as any kind of academic or football expert. I will blog openly and honestly on my beliefs and emotions of being a lifelong red!

Season ticket in K but I live for my away days as there is no better feeling than going away with United. Anyone who has, knows that it’s no prawn sandwich brigade and nothing beats the buzz of a packed away end.

I’m in my early thirties so I don’t really remember the barren days, although Fergie’s early years are a clear memory which means I have enjoyed the clubs greatest period in history as a match goer. I am embarking on a new experience of going to the games not knowing what is going to happen and in all honesty, I’m enjoying it!

Bio – @harrisio

A West Country Red following as a kid from the mid-80’s – first match Boxing Day 1985 losing 3-1 at home to a fine Everton side in their heyday.  Seasoned domestic and euro away follower and resident K stander.

I’ve been through the pre-SAF era under Big Ron for a short while, the riches that followed and the rebuilding we are witnessing today. My highlight is being in Moscow and seeing Edwin make that save in the flesh –  sadly I was a brassic student in ‘99 so had to watch Ole create history from a Student Union bar.

The second best thing about being a Red is the friends I’ve made as a result, no question.


The prodigal son of a Salford red, been trudging slowly over Trafford bridge since nineteen seventy something. First became anti-social when chasing a minibus full of Brighton fans in 1983 and later mistaken for Jesper Olsen outside a Wembley pub in 1985, aged  11. Now the wrong side of 40, Twitter is my soapbox but Manchester is still my heaven.









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